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    Mamma Couture

    Mamma Couture
    Poppys Collection Exclusive Mamma Couture Junior Design Awards
    Mamma Couture is the winner of the Gold Medal for Best Toy 3-5 By Junior Design Awards 2016. After the birth of her second child, Mamma Couture’s creator, Eva, suffered mild postpartum depression. She used Mamma Couture to channel her creativity and get her back on her feet. Sewing has been her passion from a very early age and was later a part of her education in fashion design. Luckily, it is one of the very rare jobs that can be done anywhere. It is not unusual to see Eva in the park, looking after her kids while sewing a button onto a rag doll or putting the finishing touches on a few bananas. All the dolls are designed to grow with your child, to become a companion, and to bring comfort. In fact, some of them are specifically designed as transition dolls since they feature a small cord made to attach to your baby’s pacifier or soother, making the weaning process easier.

    Mamma Couture made an intentional choice in leaving off any labels from their products. No mother would label a toy she made, no grandmother a sweater she knitted. Mamma Couture sees their products as gifts that tell a story between the one giving and the one receiving. It's not about the brand, it's about the bond that is created by giving or receiving Mamma Couture. This is where the real story - your story - begins.

    Mamma Couture is exclusive to Poppys Collection in Canada.