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    Rockahula Kids

    Rockahula Kids

    An accessories brand for kids.

    Playful, Bright and Beautiful! 

    They create products that are the opposite of boring. Fun, heart skippingly gorgeous, awesome products to delight young customers. At the same time, they don’t compromise on quality, and each and every clip, bracelet or bag has to meet their exacting standards!

    They also believe in helping to support children around the world, and each year donate 5% of their annual profit to children's charities. This year their chosen charities are Unicef, Maternity Worldwide (www.maternityworldwide.org), who carry out essential work in African countries, helping women give birth safely to healthy children; and Chance for Childhood (www.chanceforchildhood.org), to help with their work supporting vulnerable street children in Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Every piece in the Rockahula Kids collection is designed with love in the UK and carefully developed to be well made and of good quality. The brand is a little bit different – bright, beautiful, and appealing to both children and parents alike. They only design accessories, so all their love, creativity and attention to detail gets poured into their little products! 

    Exclusive to Poppys Collection in Canada.