Summer Knits

If you're anything like us your schedule during summer is jam packed, and possibly keeping you busy until Labour Day! With weddings, kids birthday parties, BBQs, trips to the beach, and travel all on the horizon we know that you have to take extra care to plan before leaving the house. 

When it comes to outfit planning for your little one during the summer, we suggest layers. Wait... layers during summer? Absolutely. 

Layering the right types of breathable fabrics during summer will help add hours to play time, and keep your little one content well into the evening. Our layer of choice for summer is knit. Knits are not only practical during the summer months', but are also a huge trend right now. Plus, let's get serious... we live Canada where it's not uncommon to experience significant weather changes from one hour to the next. 

We've compiled a few of our favourite knits, worn by a few of our favourite babies to show you just how versatile and practical this fabric can be. 

Baby blues over a jumpsuit

Neutral vanilla knit pull over & pants

Sweet pinks over liberty print dress

Vanilla knit pull over paired with linen blush shorts 

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