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We're back for part 2 of Allison's story. If you missed the first post be sure to catch up here!

Tell us about how you joined forces with Beautycounter, and what makes you so passionate about this business? 

One of my adventures in San Francisco led me to Gwyneth Paltrow's launch of her Goop Pop Up Shop at the Frank Loyd Wright building tucked away in Union Square. We actually went to explore the inside of the building (it's known for it's architecture), and the odd chance of getting Ms. Goop herself to sign our new cook book. I have always had a bit of a girl crush on her, especially since she won her Oscar in that stunning Pink ball gown. She was incredibly lovely, signed our cookbook and talked to my son about his favourite foods to cook in the kitchen. I remember being self conscious after developing a bit of Malasma (pregnancy mask) around my forehead during my last pregnancy, so I spent some time chatting about mineral base SPF skin care with one of the staff. She recommended a product called 'Dewskin' - a simple tinted moisturizer that doesn't have oxy benzone in it (which is a known carcinogen). I really had no idea what was in the products I was using at home on myself and on my kids. I didn't make the connection that the products I use on my skin are actually absorbed into my skin. I am an avid researcher, especially when it comes to companies I am choosing to support. I went home that night and did my own research on Beautycounter. I had no idea the extent to which the beauty / personal care product business is completely unregulated. I loved everything I read about the company and what they were doing to shake up the beauty industry. More importantly their product line is simple and chic. I am a bare minimalist and don't have a lot of time to get ready in the morning. It was love at first sight. I was also fascinated to hear that they had plans to launch in Canada within the year and felt this was a great opportunity to be a part of such a unique company from the start. I am an 'outside the box' thinker and I have become fascinated learning from those deep in the Start Up culture. It was the perfect fit.

What makes the culture of Beautycounter and products so different? Where are they manufactured? 

Beautycounter is a disruptive skincare brand with a goal to get safer products into the hands of everyone. The cosmetics and personal care industry is valued at over 62 billion dollars in the United States and is currently governed by 1.5 pages of legislation which has not been updated since 1938. Since then, thousands of ingredients have been introduced to the marketplace, many of which have never been tested for safety. Our goal is to educate people for the need for safer ingredients in their personal care products. We aim to provide solutions by providing a safer product into the marketplace that is also incredibly high performing. More importantly, we spend a great deal of time advocating for more health protective laws in the United States and now in Canada! Last march we had over 80 consultants across Canada meet with their Members of Parliament demanding more health legislation in celebration of our first anniversary. We are a registered B Corp company which means we believe in using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. All of our products are manufactured in Santa Monica, California. 

What would you say to other moms who want to get involved, learn more, and be apart of building this brand?

If this is something that resonates with you - JUMP IN! Regardless of what brands you are choosing to purchase from - do your own research. Be educated. I am always cross checking product ingredients using an online tool through the Environmental Working Group (www.ewg.org) as they have an extensive database that ranks products on a scale of 1-10 in terms of the ingredients they contain. I love to chat all things clean beauty, motherhood and style and am always looking for other likeminded people to collaborate with. I am hopeful the industry will change for the better. It is changing and it is exciting to know I am playing a teeny part in it. If you are interested in learning more about Beautycounter, feel free to connect with me through email at: allison.larouche@gmail.com or on Instagram @citymommastyle

Just for fun: what’s your favourite quote, or motto and why?  

My own personal mantra is to: Spend more time with those who inspire you. 

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