8 Unexpected Must-Haves For Travel
By Francesca Brunsden, Social Media Manager and Mom

Spring Break is my favourite time of the year to get away. But packing for your little one can be a challenge, especially when it's your first family trip. When packing for my son, I've stumbled across a few things that have definitely come in handy. But they aren't what you'd expect!

Top 8 Unexpected Must-Haves

1. Ziplock Bags

Yes, that's right! For easy access on a plane, in a car or just about anywhere, put a diaper, some wipes, and one change of clothes in a heavy-duty freezer bag. It's easy to reach for in an emergency and you can zip-up the mess (and smell!) as soon as you're done.

2. Beach Tent

This one is for the whole family. Your little one can play or nap in the sand without being burnt to a crisp in the blazing sun. And hopefully, you will find a moment to read in the shade between the rounds of applying sunscreen.

Poppys Collection Avery Row Over the Rainbow Portable Playmat with Baby

3. Portable Play Mat

 If your babe doesn’t like the sand, you can’t find a good spot to sit by the pool, or the floor of your hotel room is questionably clean, a play mat will save your life.

You'll have an instant play area with Avery Row's portable play mats. They're so light and compact, even the kiddos can carry them.

4. Noise Machine

You never know how loud the nightlife (or your neighbours!) might be in paradise. It's well worth investing in a portable white noise machine for bedtime and naps. Trust me, you don't want to mess with naptime!

5. Nail Clippers

You would be surprised how quickly nails can grow, especially in the sun and fresh air. If you don’t want your babe to turn into the Wolverine while you're away, don't forget to pack some.

Poppys Collection Little Hotdog Watson Turquoise Baseball Cap

6. Baby Carrier

Leave your stroller at home! This will make everything easier, especially for parents travelling solo. For aeroplane rides, short walks, and rocking the baby to sleep in a strange place, a baby carrier is a must-have. Even if you don't use one much at home, once you travel with a carrier, you'll never leave home without it again.

7. Carry-on Suitcase

Imagine getting to your destination and your luggage has gone awol. Suddenly you don't have any baby clothes, spare diapers, bottles, or clean underwear. When travelling with a baby, always carry everything you need in your carry-on. No matter what. You don't want to be stranded in a foreign country searching for the only brand of baby formula that your little one likes. Not to mention the cost of buying new clothes and gear!

8. Sun Hat

What's better than sunscreen? Not needing to apply as much sunscreen. Look for a sun hat like Little Hotdog Watson's Turquoise Baseball Cap that covers your little one's face and neck. It's got super sun protection with UPF50+ and high-tech Goldilocks Fabric, that keeps your child's head the perfect temperature. A necessity to make sure they don’t overheat.

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