10 Ways to Enjoy Wet Weather

by Lysanne Louter, Mom and Marketing & Communications Strategist

You've probably heard that study after study has shown kids don't get enough physical activity these days. We all know it, but between our busy schedules and yucky Canadian weather, sometimes it's easier to just throw on a movie to keep the little ones entertained.

So what do you do when it's raining? If you're anything like me, you're probably dreading the wet clothes and muddy boot tracks through the house. But that doesn't have to be the case if you have the right gear. A good splash suit, some wellies, and some strategically placed towels will do the trick. Then there's no excuse to get outside!

Here are 10 rainy day activities for the whole family:

  1. Try to catch raindrops on your tongue. 
  2. Follow the rain when it falls to the ground. Where does it go?
  3. Have a puddle jumping competition. Who can make the biggest splash? 
  4. Make paper boats and float them in a puddle. 
  5. Go for a family walk around the neighbourhood and play Eye Spy.
  6. Throw rocks into puddles. Who can throw the furthest? 
  7. Sing and dance in the rain. Twirl your umbrellas. 
  8. Look for worms. Dare each other to touch them.
  9. Get out the cookie cutters and cake moulds and bake some gourmet mud pies.
  10. When the rain has stopped, chase the end of the rainbow.

And now don't forget those towels! Be sure to place them on the floor at the entrance before you got out. That way you'll catch all the mess when you come back home. 


Poppys Collection image of Lysanne Louter with her sonLysanne Louter is a digital strategist, entrepreneur, and mama to Finnley. She runs a boutique marketing agency in Toronto called #WETHEMAMAS that helps brands build relationships with millennial moms. She is also an Emmy award-winning documentary director and journalist with more than 10 years experience writing, producing, and reporting for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. 

Image courtesy: Ashley Eve Photography



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