Boxing Day Favourites

Hey Guys,

 Our Boxing Day Sale is almost here! Our Operations Coordinator Mariia will share with you her favourite pieces that you can get 40% off starting December 25th!

Paul Shirt from Bebe Organic

Perfect Dark Blue Denim Boys Shirt

Very chic and versatile piece that can be easily dressed up for any special occasion.

Slalom Sweater in Plum


Bright Pink Fleece Skiing Sweater with Slalom Writing in Vinyl and Mountain Illustration in the Back


I just loooove the colour! So fun! It also has cute illustration at the back.

Super Soft One Size Beanie


Little Girl Drinking Hot Chocolate and Wearing Ski Outfit with Super Soft One Size Beanie from Birdz


The softest beanie you will ever find! Honestly, don't even try to look for something else. It also works for both adults and kids!

Confetti Smocked Tulle Dress from Holly Hastie


Pink Tulle Girls Dress Perfect for New Year's Eve


I wish I had this dress when I was a little girl! 

Pawprints in Pink Pyjama Set from Petidoux


White Cotton Pyjama with Little Puppies in Pink Walking in the Park Print


Are you kidding me? Have you seen anything cuter than this print?!

Girls Flounce Cardigan


Knit Girls Cardigan with Ruffle Sleeves and Flowers


I can never say no to flowers and ruffles. This cardigan has it all.

Hannah Unisex Bucket Hat

Little Boy Wearing Teddy Bucket Hat

Classic teddy hat, a must in this winter wardrobe.

Alpine One-Piece Snowsuit


Girl Running and Wearing One-Piece Snowsuit in Beige


A perfect piece for ski lovers! Kids will love it for its ease of getting and out. 

Ski Bebe T-Shirt


Ski Bebe Super Soft White T-shirt


It is extremely soft and extremely cute! Almost too good to be true.

Planets Jigsaw Puzzle


Universe Planets Jigsaw Puzzle Activity


Perfect winter activity for the whole family!

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