Babymoon Carry-on Packing Guide

Here is a simple, small, and straightforward packing guide for a momma-to-be on her babymoon!

1. 4-Wheel Rolling Suitcase/Luggage

Don’t strain your back trying to roll a heavy 2-wheel suitcase when a 4-wheel suitcase makes life sooooo much easier! They glide around and will get you from point A to point B effortlessly!

2. Neck Pillow & Blankets for Plane

Chances are you will want to nap on the plane. You are pregnant after all and you’ll need to save your energy every chance you get. There is nothing worse than waking up from an airplane nap freezing, with a sore neck that's been dangling in front of you like spaghetti. The pain that stems from sleeping on a plane can stay with you for days. So, skip the pain and pack the pillow! 

I recommend investing in not only a good travel neck pillow, but also a sensible travel blanket! We all know that everyone loves the window seat... but the desire to snag a window seat quickly dissipates when you're stuck on a redeye. It gets so cold sitting by the window at night and sometimes a flimsy plane blanket just isn’t enough. Be prepared and squish your own blanket into your carry-on bag so you're not stuck with that thin blanket—or worse, paying for an extra source of warmth.

3. A Spacious & Lightweight Carry-on Bag

I cannot stress enough how using a carry-on bag that can fit everything possible, AND won’t strain your shoulder will change your life. This is not meant to be a review, but I highly recommend our RAF Holdall Black Faux Leather bag for your next trip!!! This bag is the absolute perfect size, and extremely lightweight with our beautiful signature quilted design! The best part is, when the little munchkin finally arrives, this bag also incorporates insulated bottle holders and a wipe clean exterior. Oh, and did I mention tons of storage space?? For the future, if you ever want to save time at the airport by not checking your luggage I guarantee you can fit the majority of your suitcase in this bag, and still bring it on board with you.

For years I have been searching for a lightweight carry-on that could actually fit my crap-ton of stuff. I am one of those people that thrives on being über prepared incase anything happens to my suitcase… that means I fit blankets, pillows, bathing suits, shoes, books, snacks, and every medication from my cupboard in my carry-on luggage. I mean, you never know when you’ll unexpectedly get a bug, right?

Anyone who purchases this bag is really getting a bang for his or her buck. Natalie Preddie, a favourite mommy travel blogger actually spoke about the Raf Holdall bag, noting it as her preferred choice on CHCH!

4. Tums for Heartburn!

Always make sure you pack some tablets for heartburn! You never know how your body will react to the airplane food and cramped conditions.

5. Comfy Clothes and Shoes

Leggings, yoga pants, or leggings... did I say leggings twice? I meant to. Leggings were meant to be lived in, and an airplane is no exception. That has been my go-to airport outfit for years. I tried wearing jeans on a 5-hour flight once and it was the worst 5 hours of my life, so uncomfortable! Comfy pants and loose clothing make flying more enjoyable, especially while pregnant. The best part about leggings is that you can wear them with a cute summer dress so you won’t get chilly. Also, pay attention to the bra you choose; be sure it is free of any uncomfortable underwire that could dig into you while sitting. 

If you are looking to travel in the winter time I recommend wearing Uggs, so your toes don't get cold on the plane. If you are in a hot country, it is more likely your feet will swell when you start walking around, so be sure to pack roomy walking shoes for when you arrive.

In essence, remember that you truly deserve a blissful pre-baby vacation. You are about to embark upon a long (around 18 years to be exact), sleepless journey of never-ending worrying and putting someone else's needs before your own. Not to mention how many times you’ll be taking turns with the 4am screaming baby and poopy diaper shifts. So what we're saying is: really take the time to indulge now. We hope you schedule it in, treasure the vacation, and pamper yourself the right way!

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