Happy Mother's Day

We love that so many people in the world set aside an entire day to appreciate and honour mothers. To us, mothers are a symbol of strength. The greatest form of superhero, they often persevere through difficult circumstances and rise above the seemingly unbeatable. Single moms, CEO moms, stay-at-home moms, new moms, and entrepreneurial moms – they come in all forms. But, there is an undeniable truth among so many of the moms that we meet: it’s the ability to provide enduring love and selflessness to her children and family.

On a personal note, it was not until my adult years when I truly began to appreciate my mother’s love towards me. Through childlike eyes I saw my mother effortlessly put dinner on the table each night and she always kept my favourite outfit clean. Most nights, my mom tucked me in and read me stories or scratched my back until I fell asleep. As a child, I just expected these things from her. My mom spent hours helping me with my homework so that I could get the grades I wanted. And during the years when she went back to work, life must have been more challenging – but, truth be told, I never saw her break a sweat. When the years passed and I experienced my first “heartbreak”, my mom was there right by my side. I’ll never forget that day. She held me close while I cried and she refrained from showering me with questions. We then went shopping, just her and I. She made me laugh – big belly laughs. And when I was ready to talk, she listened. It was that day, when I realized that my mom had become my best friend.

We’d like to dedicate this time to say thank you to all moms, because you really are our superheroes. To the moms, like mine, who woke up early and stayed up late, we thank you. And to the moms who chose to take the smallest piece of cake, we love you. For every single sacrifice, from the biggest and most difficult to the smallest and most seemingly insignificant, I promise that you have made and continue to make a difference. Our wish for you this Mother’s Day is that you truly feel special… like the superhero that you are. Because today, and every day, we can think of no one more deserving than you

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