How to Throw a Royal Wedding Party for Your Princess


By Lysanne Louter, Marketing Communications Strategist and Mom

We all know a little girl (and some not so little ones too!) who want to be a princess. They're the ones who've seen all the Disney movies a hundred times, they're inseparable from their Elsa doll, and they wear princess dresses and tiaras to school, to bed and basically, everywhere they go. You know a little girl like that. Come on, you've probably been that girl.

Aside from Disney films, royal weddings don't happen very often. So why not celebrate the newest royal couple with your very own viewing party tailored to the aspiring princess in your life? Here's how.


Poppys Collection Holly Hastie Princess Dress The Royal Wedding

Everyone must wear their best princess dress, of course. Little girls across Britain dream of their own royal weddings while wearing luxury Holly Hastie gowns.

Hastie's dresses are made of exquisite organza from Italy and trimmed with elegant French ribbons. To find them on this side of the pond, head to Poppys Collection online or pop by our Yorkville Village Boutique. 


Poppys Collection La Dolci Bakery Royal Wedding Lemon Elderflower Cupcakes

COURTESY: La Dolci Bakery | Instagram

Traditionally, the cake served at royal weddings is... gulp... fruitcake. Not so popular with the kiddos, or the adults for that matter. But Harry and Meghan have selected a much more tasty option, lemon and elderberry cake. Positively scrumptious!

Your princess party wouldn't be complete without a wedding cake. So serve your own version by spreading jam on lemon cupcakes.

Not a baker? No problem. Toronto bakery Le Dolci is serving up lemon and elderflower cupcakes in honor of this special occasion. You can even order them online from their website! Yum!


Poppys Collection Meghan Markle Instagram Flowers The Royal Wedding

COURTESY: Meghan Markle | Instagram

The royal florist, Philippa Craddock, is reportedly designing the flower arrangements for the big day. Meghan Markle's favorite flowers are rumored to be white lilacs, but insiders say her wedding bouquets will be all-white with greenery like eucalyptus.

To make your own wedding arrangement at home, pick up a mix of white lilacs, pink peonies, and white garden roses. Afterward, you can even practice tossing the bouquet! 


Poppys Collection Harney & Sons Royal Wedding Tea

It'll be an early start on Saturday (7am EDT), so some caffeine is in order for the grown-ups. Why not pull out the fine china and brew a pot of the Queen's favorite tea, Harney & Sons? Their party-perfect Royal Wedding Tea is made with white tea, vanilla, and rosebuds. How pretty!


Meghan and Harry are set to tie the knot this Saturday, May 19 at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. Happy viewing! Don't forget to take pictures of your Royal wedding party. When your little princess does get married one day, the snaps will be a cute addition to her wedding slideshow.


Poppys Collection image of Lysanne Louter with her sonLysanne Louter is a writer, marketing communications strategist, and mama to Finnley. She runs a boutique marketing agency in Toronto called #WETHEMAMAS that helps brands build relationships with millennial moms. She is also an Emmy award-winning documentary director and former journalist with more than 10 years experience writing, producing, and reporting for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Image courtesy: Ashley Eve Photography

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