Intern Diaries: My First Pop Up Shop

The last few weeks at Poppys have certainly been busy. In the mist of moving into our new space we've also been hosting several pop up shops. Some have been in the city, while others have been on the road. I must admit that travelling to such beautiful destinations such as Lake Rosso for my first job really hasn't been so bad! As I putter around and pack up for my third pop up with Poppys, I couldn't help but reflect back on my very first pop up at Summer Water Sports in Muskoka. Who knows maybe it's the nostalgia creeping in as summer and my internship are coming to a close... either way, I thought I would stop by and share with you a little excerpt from that day:

Today started off with a delay due to the shut down of the 400, so Kathryn and I had to set up quite quickly. As soon as we finished setting up for the evening the pop up took off! Watching Kathryn interact with customers really taught me how to approach customers, and how best to tell people all about our product. She has a few years working behind the scenes of businesses and in retail stores, so I'm excited to learn more from her. The main lesson I got from this pop up is that the sale is not the most important thing, instead it's the connection you make with the people you meet there. Just by talking to people who were passing by we made connections, with potential for collaborations (so keep your eye out😉). This taught me how important it is to be open minded while talking to others, because for a startup company like Poppys every collaboration could mean future expansion of the company or some other positive possibility. Everyone at the pop up including all the customers, other vendors, and people walking around were so friendly...not to mention it was an absolutely stunning day on the lake! I'll take that over sitting and staring at my computer screen any day!

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