No not a Honeymoon, a Babymoon baby!

As many of you have experienced personally, or have heard from friends, the transition into parenthood can be overwhelming and stressful... especially when that good ol' morning sickness hits you in the middle of your 9am meeting! Don’t worry though mommas, by your second trimester when the nausea is usually over, you now have a great “excuse” to escape and enjoy a heated babymoon with your partner!

If you didn’t know before (I know I didn’t), apparently babymooning is one of the hottest travel trends right now. And no, it is not a made up term used as an excuse to get your partner to take you on a romantic trip! It provides couples with an opportunity to relax at a dreamy destination, and mentally prepare for the exciting changes that are about to happen in both of their lives— with a virgin Piña Colada at hand of course. Usually you would go away during the second trimester because it is generally considered the safest time to fly…and let's be honest, no one wants to be a time zone away from their OB/GYN. With that being said, it really is a beautiful idea to spend some quality time together and reconnect, pre-baby!

Destination ideas:

It’s awesome because many resorts are actually offering babymoon packages. You can find some of the most beautiful and most popular destinations for babymoons listed below:





New Zealand


A note to keep in mind:

Zika, Zika, Zika!!!!! The Zika virus, also known as a mother’s worst nightmare, is something to be educated about prior to booking your babymoon or any getaway in general. Please always be cautious of this virus, which is spread primarily through certain mosquitos. It is said to cause birth defects, vision and hearing defects, or poor growth. Honestly, I think the scariest part is that Zika can be passed through a mom to her fetus without any symptoms at all... so be safe! With that said, I am going to state the obvious:

1. Don't travel to high-risk areas with reports of Zika. Below is a link to a website that illustrates areas to be cautious of when travelling.

2. Keep mosquitos away! Always use insect repellent and always carry some with you in your purse.

Take home message:

Life is so busy and we recognize that it can be easy to put other priorities first, and place a babymoon on the backburner. We want to remind you that your babymoon is just that, it's yours. We want you to find the time to design a babymoon that your comfortable with - whether it's 10-day trip to Hawaii, or if a 2-night staycation at a local B&B is just what the doctor ordered! Speaking of doctor... we encourage you to talk to your doctor and get informed about traveling while pregnant. And finally, we encourage you to get creative and design a babymoon that suits you. 

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