Step 4 – Baby proof your wardrobe

Don’t judge a book by its cover – its one of the earliest lessons I can remember. Yet people are always telling me that I need to dress myself and my son in brighter colours and less shades so that he is happier. Why is it that the shades of our clothes define our level of happiness?

My son and I dress for the mess. Life is messy, even on the best of days. And it is inevitable that something will end up spilt before 9 am. Wearing darker shades is my proactive step, so that when any of the inevitable mess happens throughout the day – it won’t be visible on our outfits. And I do not have to spend my day worrying about our clothes or attempting to be ‘careful’.

As a mum there are so many random things to worry about. If I can cross a couple off my list by wearing darker clothes - then bring on the black, navy and grey (and maybe one or two muted colour tones)!

Needless to say the number of dark items has grown in my wardrobe since becoming a mum…but also in my sons. Our mainly dark wardrobes makes it so convenient to pack the diaper bag for our day’s adventures (shades match so easily), and minimizes the need to rush to a sink to scrub out whatever stain has landed on either of us.  

So the next time my son has a blow out (is it just me or does your baby only have a blow out when your holding him?) and poops on me, spits up, drools on and chews up my clothes and his – there is no added worry or fuss. We can continue to adventure on and enjoy our time without the anxiety of the inevitable stains or pulling together a matching outfit!

Bring on the mess – what is a stain to us anyway!


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