Step 6 – Benefiting from the baby effect

Initially, I wanted to focus on the perks of having a baby: first row parking at malls and shops (especially in the rain), advancing ahead in line (especially at airports) and using your baby’s cuteness to your advantage. Even as AMAZING as these perks are – I am going to switch things up.  

Maybe it is the time away on holiday. Or maybe it is that my son has started to crawl. Or maybe it is reflecting on these past seven months of becoming a mum. Or the giant smile my son gave me when I walked into the room. Whatever it is I am just starting to realize that benefiting from the baby effect goes beyond the aesthetics.

It is that opportunity to see things through their eyes. A fresh look at life. A curiosity to learn and explore. As I watched my son this morning scoot across the floor, he did so at his own pace. Taking interest in those objects that I would seldom take a second glance at; the door stop, the ridges in the floor boards, the bolts in the bench legs and always looking back at the distance from which he had just travelled to gage how far he moved.  

In taking it slow and appreciating the little things, but also the gratefulness in appreciating how far he had just crawled – I felt in awe. My proud mummy moment. I am always thinking of all the things I want to do and teach my son, without realizing how much he has already shown me.

Although I will not be admiring the doorstop or bench bolts this morning (or probably any morning), I do need to make more time to explore hobbies that interest me. Like the guitar that has been collecting dust all summer, or just simply stopping to appreciate how far I have come versus always focusing on where I want to be – I need to benefit from seeing things through my sons eyes.

BUT I will also try to continue to benefit from the parking spots and line bypasses too!

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