Step 7 – Training day: the dodgeball of motherhood

I still remember the moment it all began, clear as day! It has been a little over a year, since my partner and I announced our pregnancy. And this was the pivotal moment of no return. It was the moment all the baby and parenting advice came bombarding in, much like a dreaded game of dodgeball – and with no intention of halting! 

I mean look at me as I write 7 steps to becoming a mum. As much as I try to establish that these are considerations for mums as I reflect on my own experiences, there will be instances undoubtedly where it comes off as advice.

Because as we have all experienced when it comes to having a baby everyone is an expert! So, let me rephrase that dodgeball analogy. It is more like you are the only one left standing on your team and everyone and their mother’s brother’s wife’s cousin’s sister is opposing you – each armed with multiple balls, ready to pelt you!

At first I tried to bend and weave to address every ball of advice that came flying at my head – and really this method failed. It was EXHAUSTING! And most of the advice was useless and outdated folklore (spinning a ring on your pregnant belly to determine gender) and some was almost offensive (you can’t raise your baby in the city). 

But then there were the balls I could catch and actually use! The advice that pulled me up and got me back on my feet even when I felt my worst (trust me, it gets better). And I realized this is the advice that’s worth my time – this is the advice I should heed and appreciate! 

And this advice is going to look different for every mum at any given moment on any given day.

So honestly, as much as I have zero advice on how to handle all or any of the parenting/baby advice you have received and undoubtedly will continue to receive – just take a look around. You will surprise yourself, that there are some amazing women out there catching, diving and dodging alongside you.

So even when you feel defeated and knocked out of the game – these women will tag you back in. After all, we are all on this journey as mums together!

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