The Maze of my life

I have been caught in a maze of my own making.

Last week I hit a dead end - I felt I was continuously working towards my goals and yet no progress was being made.

And I really started to question myself. Am I spending enough time with my son? Am I doing the right thing by being at the office? Am I fully capable of living up to the expectations of my promotion? Do I spend enough time with family? Is our family spending enough time with the baby? Am I giving my partner and our relationship enough attention? When was the last time I saw my girlfriends?

With all this racing through my mind, I really started to feel GUILTY - AM I NOT DOING ENOUGH?

So I started to work harder to get more done. I put my head down to push through the grind and HONESTLY, I have felt as though all my time and all my energy was slipping through my fingers.

And I could not understand why I was not getting anywhere.

For the long weekend, we escaped the city and headed down to my parents place in Niagara. And for the two hour the traffic congested, bumper to bumper commute that took us to there - I UNBURDENED ALL THESE THOUGHTS.

Once it was all out on the table and I had the perspective of my partner - I was able to step back. I started to realize how manageable everything really was and how I could navigate my way out of this.

Even in doing all of this on the car ride down, it did not stop us from getting physically lost in a corn maze!

This is not the first time and probably will not be the last time I get tangled up in a dead end but I have some really AMAZING PEOPLE around me and my thought is that makes me pretty AMAZING too

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