Top 5 Myths about Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Myth: Pelvic floor physiotherapy (PFPT) is only for post partum.

Fact: PFPT is for anyone pre or post partum During the pregnancy, it can be extremely beneficial for pain relief and prevention of any further complications that may occur (ie. Incontinence, prolapse, etc). Additionally, PFPT can aid with the labour and delivery process, as we can teach you how to best relax your pelvic floor and review optimal positions for pushing.

Myth: I don’t need pelvic floor physio-I had a C section.

Fact: The act of being pregnant compromises the pelvic floor-not just having a vaginal delivery. View pregnancy like holding a 30lbs weight for 9 months...the muscles of the pelvic floor get exhausted and overworked!   PFPT is beneficial for ANYONE regardless of the nature of the delivery.

Myth: Kegels are for everyone.

Fact: Absolutely not. Kegels are appropriate for most women post partum, however during labour and delivery the goal is to RELAX the pelvic floor...NOT tense up more. Although kegels do strengthen up the pelvic floor, many women are too tight going in to labour, and thus, kegels may do more harm than good.

Myth: It must be super painful-I heard it’s internal.

Fact: Yes-ideally the assessment and treatment involves an internal vaginal exam, but there are multiple other techniques and treatments we can use externally. However, performing an assessment without an internal is like seeing a physiotherapist for a shoulder injury and not removing your jacket. The pelvic floor are internal muscles, and thus require an internal exam to properly assess and treat.

Myth: Pelvic physio must be expensive! Is it covered?

Fact: Yes! It is the same coverage as any other physiotherapy treatment, so just check your insurance plan.

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