Where Europeans Travel on Holiday

By Francesca Brunsden, Social Media Manager & Mom

As a transplanted Brit living in Toronto, I spend my winters dreaming of my favorite European vacation spots. Sure Florida or the Caribbean are wonderful destinations, but if you're looking for a trip to create lifelong memories with your family, a European vacation is something truly special. The food, the culture, the fashion, the museums, and the architecture are unparalleled on this side of the ocean. 

Excited to plan your own European holiday? These are my top 5 favorite European vacation destinations. 


Poppys Collection Where Europeans Travel Mallorca

This is one of the best Spanish islands and a favorite family holiday spot for the  Spanish royal family. It's an island with picturesque beaches and coves, gorgeous mountainous scenery, and plenty of culture to soak up along with the sun. Mallorca was voted the second best island in all of Europe. It even has a hopping club scene! If you get bored (unlikely!), it's easy to hire a boat or jump on a ferry to explore neighboring islands.


Poppys Collection Where Europeans Travel Greece Greek Islands

Greece is the perfect destination for honeymooners and families alike. The scenery and panoramic vistas are second to none. The food is to die for: the olives, the fresh seafood, gyros, roasted lamb and potatoes, and oh the wine! I could keep going on and on, but I'm getting hungry. Greece's beautiful ancient ruins and the authentic cuisine will keep you captivated and coming back year after year.


Poppys Collection Where Europeans Travel Spain Mountains

With short, cheap flights to many cities, mainland Spain is one of the best spots to visit. Whether you're looking for a scenic mountain hike, an urban adventure in Barcelona or Madrid, or a summer sun getaway in the Costa del Sol, there is something for everyone. Plus, it's one of the best places in Europe to take in the sites by bike. 


Poppys Collection Wear Europeans Travel Italy Pisa

The famous home of the world's best pizza and pasta. I've never tasted a pizza like the one I had in Naples, nor a tomato for that matter. Food is a religion in Italy. Speaking of religion, a trip to the Vatican will surely impress. The scale, history, and grandeur of the art and architecture in Rome are truly unforgettable. Transport yourself back to the Roman empire with a visit to the Coliseum, the Pantheon or Palatine Hill. Breathtaking! 


Poppys Collection Where Europeans Travel Pont de Gare France

If you enjoy picturesque little villages, beautiful beaches, and amazing food, then the south of France is for you. Head to glitzy St-Tropez, popular among celebrities, for amazing for beach clubs and people watching. The historic Cannes, best known for its film festival and nightlife, really comes to life after dark. If a road trip is more your speed, head to Provence for rolling fields of lavender and an afternoon hike to visit a Unesco World Heritage site near Avignon, the Roman aqueduct called Pont du Gard. 

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