Yoga Noise

“Breathe in. Breathe out”

“Let your breaths guide you. Let them move you” 

“Pay attention to the gentle rise and fall of your belly”

Omg. I forgot to pick up toilet paper.

“Now, imagine that your breath moves effortlessly, like the waves of an ocean”

“In, out. In and then out”

I forgot tomatoes too.

“Clear your mind”

Seriously. What did I even buy at the grocery store?

“Focus on your breath”

What time does the store close again?.… maybe if I really relax now, I can leave 5 minutes early and make it before close.

“Clear your mind”

Ugh, the struggle is real. Practicing yoga is just that, it’s a practice. They say that “practice makes perfect”, so for now I’ll cross my fingers and secure my spot for the next class.

There’s no doubt, our world is running at a rapid pace. As adults with families – regardless of how big or small – we learn to cope by becoming a master of multitasking. This is all well and good. We get things done and one day turns into the next. But, without fail, there comes a point when patience grows thinner and before you know it you’re crying over spilled milk… or in my case over little pieces of paper falling out of a hole punch. Yep, that happened… 

When I notice my emotions are taking the drivers seat, I veer back to my yoga mat. It might take me a few days, or weeks, but eventually I find peace and sanity there. According to Harvard medical school, the goal of yoga is to challenge yourself without reaching the point of overwhelm. You’re instructed to focus on your breath and to allow your mind to accept this calm, all the while bringing your body physically to this “edge”. Among other benefits, Harvard medical school illustrates that yoga fosters a better body image and more mindful eating. Yoga has been shown to boost weight loss and enhance fitness. Some studies also support the notion that yoga has a positive effect on cardiovascular risk factors, helping to lower blood pressure and improve lipid profiles. All of this is to say that whether you can carve out 2 hours, 20 minutes, or 2 minutes for yoga you may just find yourself better equipped to tackle the rest of your day.

Well for those of you who are interested in yoga, I hope this post inspires you to take some time for yourself on your mat in the days to come… even if it is only to lay in savasana pose for a short time.

Oh and one more thing, if you’re in the Toronto area and want to practice with your little one, you have got to check this out:

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