For backyard fun or serious adventure at the mountain! Made of durable waterproofing, top-to-bottom warmth, and built to grow. Legs can be extended for multi-season use. This one-piece also has some careful design cuffs to make it tight on the wrist so there is no chance for the snow to get in. The waist is also adjustable. Kids will love it for its ease of getting and out. 

What’s new this year: 

Shoulder straps inside the one piece! An easier way to wear in the ski shack: not dragging on the floor anymore. 

About the components

Made of insulation Thermocore 140g made of synthetic insulation, thin polyester fibre providing warmth similar to down, but retains heat more effectively if it gets wet.

Common synthetic fill weight ranges from 40 to 120 grams and we went to 140g!

5000 MM WATERPROOF; Our coats are very waterproof, they are built to resist moderate to heavy rain. Please refer to the chart below for all different levels of waterproof on the market.

100% waterproof warmth.

100% protection from cold and snow.

100% Polyester


Montreal fashion kids brand for families who like to stay ahead of trends.

Let's bring fashion to your daily family life!!

Founders of BIRDZ, Stéphanie and Caroline are above all moms, sisters, and businesswomen! 

In less than 4 years, 6 little BIRDZ was born. It is in the midst of the everyday chaos between meetings, daycare, workouts and cooking a healthy meal that the idea of BIRDZ arose.

Caroline is a chartered accountant and has practiced in a renowned firm in Montreal. Stéphanie has a master's degree in Marketing and has developed an expertise in sales in two multinationals. Together, they have united their strengths… and weaknesses in this beautiful adventure ; )

Bright, colourful and vivid this is how we want our children to be. We are militating for strong colours for girlz and for BOYZ!! Since when the standard in unisex kid's clothing has become black and white?? This is why we are dressing our Boyz and our girlz the same way we want them to be brilliant, glowing and vibrant. 

We dress Happy!