• The Onesie Atelier Choux features our Hot Air Balloon print and is 100% cotton made to offer unbeatable comfort and softness.
  • Gold trims are sourced from Japanese craftsmen and a sophisticated touch to baby’s daily outfit.
  • The gold studs are fashionable and convenient for opening and change.

Atelier Choux offers elegant and functional essentials for discerning parents. Their signature products, (including our woven tags and packaging) are entirely made in France with the highest attention to detail – with the ambition to meld art and artisanship. Our production processes are also environmentally and socially conscious.

The company is working with acclaimed Swedish illustrator Mattias Adolfsson who is recognized around the world for his whimsical landscapes, with more than 500,000 fans across social networks.

With all production in France, our processes are environmentally and socially conscious and conform to the highest European standards.

Atelier Choux products are made in a family-owned factory in France, one of the very few that has managed to remain competitive, due to its innovative approach and simultaneous respect for traditional techniques. About 250+ individuals are involved to some level in the production of Atelier Choux products, across fabric engineers, seamstresses and printing experts.