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The Snuggle Pod is inspired by the wonders of pure Australian sheepskin: a material that is in-arguably the best sheepskin in the world. It is renowned for its powerful benefits that help calm and nurture babies.

This miracle fibre keeps babies warm and dry in harsh winters and cool in warmer months. It is perfect for every single season! How this works is by trapping the baby's own body heat in a microclimate around them and thus retaining the body's own temperature rather than overheating.

The Snuggle Pod by Elks & Angels provides a cozy, womblike cocoon around the baby that will make them feel safe and secure.

* Lined with soft and silky 100% Australian sheepskin.
* Nylon outer protects from wind and rain and is easy to spot clean.
* Not itchy, it is like silk and velvet on your baby's skin.
* Cool Scandinavian wood toggles.
* Universal 5 point harness.
* Unfolds into a portable play mat.
* Back Velcro straps prevent slippage.
* Top panel can be removed for use as a single back panel.

Elks and Angels is the brainchild of an Australian-born interior architect and designer, Janet Kennedy Ault, who left the laid-back country of Australia to live in the dazzling and frosty city of New York. It is here, Elks and Angels was born.

Australians have a long history with their use of sheepskin. For over a century the ‘aussies’ have known the benefits of this miracle fibre, ‘aussie moms’ have been using them as rugs for babies at sleep time, play time and tummy time.

Janet like most other Australian babies had her very own sheepskin. Her mom loved it and had many uses for it; it became a portable bed, the most luxurious play mat and a stroller liner when on the go which provided extra comfort. Her sheepskin became a familiar environment providing the calming security a child needs.

Inspired by the meeting of an age-old wisdom and the frosty winters in New York, with the necessary skills in design, Janet began designing a sheepskin cocoon for babies that meet the flexibility and lifestyle of a busy parent.