How to Buy Sunglasses for your Child

By Lysanne Louter, Digital Strategist & Mom

The summer sunshine is here! So it’s time to think about investing in sunglasses for your little ones. 85% of sun damage happens before the age of 18. That means SPF and eye protection should be your top priority as a parent.

Here are our tips for buying sunglasses for your little ones.


Help your youngster understand why they need to get sunglasses. Once they're old enough, explain why wearing sun protection for your eyes is important. When my husband and I explained this to our toddler, he refused to leave the house without sunglasses and insisted that everyone else do the same. 


You'll want to try a few pairs on your kiddos face first. Look for a pair that doesn't slip off their nose or leave red marks. Children’s frames are designed to fit kids, so make sure you purchase well-made kids frames. They'll be constructed to be durable and withstand more bumps and tumbles than adult frames. Try to find sunglasses with spring hinges on the arms, so they can withstand some twisting and bending.

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Get your kiddos involved in choosing their frames. When you encourage them to pick their own, they'll be more excited about wearing them. Also, give them a little lesson in taking care of them and they'll last much longer.

Children’s frames are no longer boring or bland. There are tons of choices of colour and design at many price points. You don't have to compromise function over style anymore.


How much your child enjoys wearing sunglass has as much to do with your attitude as theirs. Let them know that their sunglasses are for safety and also a fashion statement. Teach them to take pride in their new accessory.


Be sure to choose frames that will fit for the next six to 12 months. Sunglasses that are bigger than that will slip down your child's nose and block their vision. Also, take time to find the right pair. It's probably not a good idea to wait until you're already at the airport waiting for your flight to Florida.


Poppys Collection image of Lysanne Louter with her sonLysanne Louter is a writer, marketing communications strategist, and mama to Finnley. She runs a boutique marketing agency in Toronto called #WETHEMAMAS that helps brands build relationships with millennial moms. She is also an Emmy award-winning documentary director and former journalist with more than 10 years experience writing, producing, and reporting for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Image courtesy: Ashley Eve Photography


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