Best-selling piece of the season, this dress could be from another era. We'll all be charmed by its large, vintage-style collar and springtime colours that will surely warm up the winter mood.

For the sake of details:
- Floral print dress.
- Large square collar with embroideries and lace.
- Puffy sleeves.
- Elasticated cuffs.
- Set of gathers for a pretty volume.
- Covered placket at the back.
- Please note: the back is buttoned from top to bottom for sizes under 24 months.

- Lined.

This item was imagined by Marie Pidancet and her passionate team.

Two friends decided to start Louise Misha while on a trip in India. They are both really close to their families, the label's name itself comes from a dear grandmother called 'Louise' and a beloved mother nicknamed 'Misha'. Their universe is all about bohemian style, nostalgia and softness. The vintage details in each item is inspired by their travels.