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Merino Wool is this lighter weight wool (just 17 microns compared to a human hair at around 60 microns) has proven benefits for eczema-prone skin in children. Ideal as a multipurpose layering piece; Smalls work perfectly under school uniforms, sports kits, as base layers for skiing as well as doubling up as seriously snuggly loungewear and pyjamas.

• 100% Superfine Merino Wool
• Machine Washable 
• Naturally stretchy for maximum movement
• Keeps out pesky draughts
• Contrast stitching for a cheeky pop of colour
These trousers are built to grow with your kids. The trousers fold out giving you an extra 6cm growing room!  We recommend you stick to your age size when purchasing these. 

“It’s all about changing traditional perceptions of wool and the way we wear it...also, about buying less and choosing well, to quote Vivienne Westwood!”
Cat Pharo, co-founder, Smalls 

SMALLS launched in Selfridges July 2014 with a mission to make wool cool for kids again. But that wasn’t their only mission. How they made Smalls, and the values behind it were and remain as important to them as the finished article. 

‘Slow Fashion’ is at the heart of everything Smalls do. ‘Slow’ to them means buying less and choosing well. They create gender-neutral merino garments that have genuine longevity and traceable provenance, all the dots carefully joined, from farm to fashion.