This gently octopus will be the favourite play buddy. The tentacles encourage baby to use the pincer grasp of the thump and index fingers and in developing their hand eye coordination. 

Caressing, squeezing and holding onto the flexible tentacles provides cognitive stimulation

The sensory feedback promotes fine motor skills and gives therapeutic feedback

For bigger children this tactile toy keeps the hands busy while the brain is able to focus on instructions.

Made from 99.5% discarded water bottles (poly microfiber) 

Certifications CE & REACH.

Machine wash at 40°, tumble dry at low cycle or lay flat to dry.

Beyondbun accompanies you to gently awaken your baby with beautiful objects adapted to his age. Based on the principles of Nido Montessori, our toys have been approved by early childhood professionals. Specially designed to help your baby wake up, they only provide him with the amount of stimuli he needs to fully discover the world around him.