Louise, a human girl, loves to explore the forest by herself. Whenever she visits the Hazel Village animals by their wild pond, they do crafts together and makeup stories. Which just goes to show, you never know what you will discover if you pay attention. 

Louise is made of organic cotton jersey. She is 14 inches tall, sized to share clothes with all the other Hazel Village animals. Her face and toes are hands embroidered with cotton thread. Her cheeks are a little bit pink. Her pigtails are made of brown fabric, and they are fun to braid and tie with ribbons. If Louise or her clothes get dirty, you can hand wash and air dry them.

We worked hard to make a doll that would be safe and snuggly for babies, but fun for older kids too. Louise is baby-safe as long as she isn't wearing any small items like shoes or crowns. And of course, Louise can share clothes with all the other Hazel Village animals.



Poppys Collection Jane Van Cleef of Hazel Village ToysJane Van Cleef started Hazel Village in 2010 with her own two hands. She set out to make the toys she would have wanted as a child: soft and cute, with a rigorous commitment to the spirit of play. You'll never see a sewn-on doll shoe or a button that doesn't work because that would mean admitting the animals aren't real. So Hazel Village makes real organic cotton woodland creatures and dolls, and real doll clothes that everyone can share, to inspire hours of immersive, low-tech play.

At the Hazel Village workshop in Brooklyn, Jane does her best to follow the good example of the animals. Hazel Village and the animals have the same core values: they are resourceful, clever, jolly, diligent, and gentle.