How to Burp A Baby & Other Mom Hacks

By Francesca Brunsden, Social Media Manager & Mom

As a new mom, everything feels new and scary. Some things just seem like a mystery, like burping for example. Babies don’t come with a handbook but if they did there would be a few of the tops tips/hacks I wish I had known when my newborn arrived.


Burping a baby was always a mystery to me before having a child of my own. As any nurse will tell you, it really is an art form! Doctors recommend burping your baby in between feedings and right after the baby has finished drinking. For breastfeeding moms, try burping as you change sides. For bottle feeding mamas, try burping every 2 to 3 ounces right up until the baby is 6 months old. 


Now for the how-to part. Don’t forget the burping cloth! No one likes to be covered in spit up. Please note: for newborns, always remember to support the baby's head. Burp in the following positions by patting gently on the baby's back for a couple of minutes before pausing. Alternate between patting and a circular, rubbing movement on their back. 

  • Over your shoulder: Hold your baby over your shoulder, facing toward you. Use one hand to hold the baby and the other to burp.
  • Sitting on your lap: Sit with your baby on your lap, using one arm and hand to support the front of baby's body and head. Use your other hand to burp your baby on their back. 

If those positions fail and your babe is still fussing, try laying them on their back and moving their legs up and down as if they were cycling. Don't give up! Sometimes it can take a while. If in doubt, REST AND REPEAT!


I learned this one the hard way! Especially in those early days, you probably want your babe to sleep as long as possible. But the longer the nap, the bigger the risk of a total diaper blow-out. Trust me, it is possible for poo to shoot across a room. I've seen it first hand! 

To protect against a nighttime nappy nightmare, stack a mattress pad and a fitted sheet on top of your mattress pad and fitted sheet. The second layer of protection will make cleanup much quicker and easier. Just whip off the first later and throw it into the washing basket to deal with in the morning. There you have it: a freshly made crib.


A simple, yet genius solution. Throw your baby's socks into a delicate wash bag before tossing them into the laundry. As parents, we spend way too much time cleaning. So who has time to find and match all your baby's smalls anyway? The mesh garment bag will keep all their teensy items together and stop their socks from disappearing to that mysterious place other socks go to hide.

Speaking of socks, another great tip for parents is to buy the same type, color, and style of sock every time. You’ll never have to match a pair again!


This is key. Never go anywhere without one. You can download some great apps from the Apple or Google Play store, some that even mimic the sounds inside the womb. They're so relaxing that even us mommies and daddies will be sleeping more soundly. Or maybe that's just the exhaustion from being a new parent!


Not quite a hack, but great advice nonetheless. Sometimes a break is as good as rest. If someone is offering to hold your baby, let them. If they offer to bring you a cooked meal, let them. Don’t be polite! Anyone who’s had a kid knows what it's like to struggle as a new parent. Take that shower, have that nap, or get some fresh air. You’ll feel refreshed and you'll be a better parent too.

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