Intern Diaries: Move In Day

Today was the day we have all been waiting for... MOVE IN DAY! After a lot of anticipation and waiting we are finally moving into our new office in Liberty Village!

The first thing we had to do (for Kathryn's sanity) was to start moving the inventory from her apartment and into the office. 

When I opened the door to our office, I noticed it had been freshly painted and it looked absolutely amazing; however, behind the beauty of that Poppy Red wall stood a mess that had to be cleaned. We dove right into it and channeled our inner Cinderella's (pre ball, of course!) in order to complete our second task. The mopping and scrubbing, although not the most glamorous of activities, really made all the difference. After this was done I could really start to envision just how amazing the office was going to look, especially with all the furniture and Poppys special touches. 

When the cleaning was complete I was able to get out and explore Liberty Village. After seeing all the cute shops and trendy lunch spots, I could tell that Poppys was going to fit right into its new home.

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