Who is Kathryn McNally?

When Kathryn’s family congregates around the dinner table it tends to resemble the gathering of a small village. As the youngest of four siblings, it was inevitable that Kathryn would some day become a fashionable Aunt. 

The idea to open an online baby boutique took shape after a long search for unique and timeless baby gifts. Kathryn has fond memories of her own childhood toys and clothing that were once loved and given to her by her siblings - each item carrying a story and creating a special bond between her and her family. Her hopes to recreate these special memories for other families’ fuels her mission to provide a platform with high-quality and environmentally conscious items.

Kathryn obtained her business degree from Dalhousie University, and subsequently held various positions in strategy and high-end retail fashion. She carries a strong belief in balancing both work and play and can often be found spearheading a “Stretch-O-Clock” exercise session at the office.  

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