Trend Alert: Luxurious Linen

By Lysanne Louter, Digital Strategist & Mom

Hot days are a challenge for a toddler who's constantly on the move. My son would probably prefer to run around naked all summer long. But let's face it! There are definitely a few places where that would not be appropriate.

The solution: linen looks for little ones. 

Elevated Minimalism

Eileen Fisher white linen

Thanks to the Spring/Summer 2018 designers, the hot weather staple is exciting again. Linen was featured as a highlight in collections dedicated to the elevated minimalist style and a return to luxurious, raw, and eco-friendly materials. From Isabel Marant to Akris and Loewe, all reimagined the linen shirt in ivory, peach, or white. Of course, linen is also the definitive fabric of one of my favorite womenswear designers, Eileen Fisher. And Meghan Markle was even spotted recently looking chic in a white linen button-up tunic. 

Photo Courtesy: Eileen Fisher

On hot days, it's the perfect material because it has natural temperature regulating properties. According to Vogue Magazine, that's the reason why it has been popular since Mesopotamian times: it's scientifically proven to be cooler than all other fabrics. It's also made of eco-friendly flax fibers. After a couple of washes, there's nothing softer against the skin and it's also super durable.  

Linen for the Littles

I'm so happy kids clothing designers are starting to use linen again too. From La Petite Collection to Louise Misha, linen is popping up in many kidswear designs this summer too, especially collections from France.

Poppys Collection Luxurious Linen for kidsLa Petite Collection's Kurta Striped Linen Tunic

Poppys Collection Louise Misha Linen Nouchka Dress
Louise Misha's Linen Nouchka Dress

Poppys Collection La Petite Collection Linen Summer Romper

La Petite Collection's Linen Summer Romper

6 Reasons to Love Linen

  • It's a durable fabric that's perfect for gifts or timeless pieces of clothing that can be passed from kid to kid, generation to generation.
  • Linen helps regulate your kid's temperature during hot weather.
  • It's highly absorbent, it dries out quickly, and it becomes cool so that your child's skin is continually touched by a cooling surface.
  • Linen is highly recommended for children with sensitive skin, as it's virtually non-allergenic, lint-free, and non-staticky.
  • It's also naturally insect-repellent and provides UV protection.
  • Linen is easy to take care of because it doesn’t hold onto dirt or stains and it washes easily and dries quickly.
    Poppys Collection La Petite Collection Linen Summer Dress
    La Petite Collection Linen Summer Dress
    Poppys Collection Louise Misha Linen Nouchka Dress
    Poppys Collection Louise Misha Linen Anjali Romper


      The Eco-Friendly Fabric

      My favorite feature of linen is that it's eco-friendly. Linen is made from the natural organic fibers of the flax plant. The farming of flax requires few fertilizers or pesticides, and virtually all of the plant is used, causing little or no waste in production. Linen will also naturally decompose in the landfill, unlike synthetic fabrics like polyester. 

      A guilt-free fabric that's perfect for summer. What could be better than that?


      Poppys Collection image of Lysanne Louter with her sonLysanne Louter is a writer, marketing communications strategist, and mama to Finnley. She runs a boutique marketing agency in Toronto called #WETHEMAMAS that helps brands build relationships with millennial moms. She is also an Emmy award-winning documentary director and former journalist with more than 10 years experience writing, producing, and reporting for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Image courtesy: Ashley Eve Photography

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