A Family Business

Poppys Collection Kathryn McNally with Nephew Sam

Hi, I’m Kathryn McNally, the founder of Poppys Collection. I’ve always dreamt of owning my own store. When my nephew Sam was born, I decided to make the leap from the corporate world to start a curated collection of baby clothes. It all started in my own living room, with boxes of baby clothing and toys quickly taking over my apartment. As a single girl in my twenties, it was not the best first impression when I brought home a date!

I am a fifth generation business owner and I come from a family of entrepreneurs. Even though it’s my baby, Poppys Collection is a family business. My Mom is the mother of four kids, so she gives me great advice about what will be useful. Plus she loves to shop for the little ones! My Dad is a successful business owner and he’s always a fantastic sounding board for me. Other family members help out whenever they can, and my nephew inspires me to always keep things fun.

Being the youngest child of four, I developed an appreciation for timeless, well-made clothing. I wore hand-me-downs my entire life. My brother’s old t-shirts and sweatshirts were a staple in my wardrobe. Every dress I had when I was growing up was my sister’s before me. I remember having to wear brown corduroy pants. Yuck. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone!

Poppys Collection Kathryn McNally with her Poppy in Newfoundland

Poppys means love and family

Poppy is the word for “grandfather” in Newfoundland, where I spent my summers growing up. My Poppy and I were very close before he died. We spent hours together at the family cottage blueberry picking, jigging for cod, and watching icebergs go by from the beach. I chose the name Poppys Collection because I hope my products will give your child the same feeling of love and safety that I felt with my Poppy.

Poppys Collection Kathryn McNally with her Mother

Poppys means timeless beauty

My Mom loved gardening and her garden was always filled with a wild, chaotic mass of poppies. No two summers were alike and each flower was unique. It was such an enchanting and idyllic place, a place where I could let my imagination go wild. I chose poppies to represent Poppys Collection because I hope that my products will give your child the same feeling of enchantment and wonder that I felt in my Mother’s garden.

Brands Owned or Design by Mothers

Motherhood is such a special role and I’m really excited to become a mother myself one day. It’s the toughest job in the world. My Mom was a stay-at-home mom but I think she had a tougher job than my Dad. My Dad worked away from home a lot, but she was the machine that kept the family running.

All of the brands I chose for Poppys Collection are made or designed by mothers. Moms have more insight. They’re the first responders. They know what’s going to work and not work for a child. For example, putting buttons on a piece of clothing that actually function as buttons. I’m learning from the moms I work with because they have the wisdom I don’t have. They’re helping me and I’m helping them.

A Collection of Elevated Basics

Poppys Collection is timeless. The products are handcrafted and thoughtfully made. They’re really special. I’m looking for things that are classic, really well made, but with a fresh take on the design. I’m looking for products that will excite little kids. Toys that will educate kids as much as they are fun. I want stuff that will set a good example too. There is no flash or gizmos here. My brands allow your kids to be imaginative.

Conscious Consumerism

I’m very much against Fast Fashion. It’s very easy for kids to have disposable clothing these days. But who has the space to store 20 sweaters and wash them every week? You don’t. Poppys Collection is a capsule wardrobe of high quality, timeless, and playful pieces that can be passed down from one child to another, from one generation to another. And there are definitely no brown corduroys here!

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