This beautiful beige wool dress is so warm and easy to wear - your little one will never want to take it off! It features the softest organic wool fabric, cotton lace endings and floral details in the sleeves and collar. Such a unique and beautiful piece!

Composition: 100% wool / cotton / nylon

cotton lace endings


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FROU FROU clothes, carefully designed and manufactured in the Cologne-based studio, are “a unique and an eccentric sidestep to the inherent beauty of young pristine beings.”

Perfect for mix and match, the styles inspire children to go on a playful everyday journey. You’ll find unique dresses in lush colours and pictorial fabrics.

Frou Frou fabrics and trimmings are of high quality, and organics are used when possible. Experts in creating pictorial tutus, they dye and bleach knits and fabrics, recycle jeans and screenprint tights.