Sorbet Island

SORBET ISLAND is endorsed by a passionate team of Greek artisans led by founder Sophia Mamas,
inviting everyone to create their signature style, using unique jewellery, swimwear and beachwear.

Driven by optimism, positive energy, and the pure joy of living, Sorbet Island creations exhale the feeling of endless summer vibes and magical holiday beaches.

All jewellery collections show the designer’s great passion for personal style, colors and playful combinations.
Signature pieces include good luck charms, glass beads, and silk bracelets.

Using high quality materials like silk and satin, natural materials such as freshwater pearls, shells and handcrafted beads, each piece is absolutely unique.
The bracelets come along with a signature packaging: a glass tube including a happy fortune message.

What started back in 2014 as friendship bracelets for Sophia’s closest friends, turned into a multi-product brand from bracelets to swimwear and bags.
Sorbet Island is now sold in more than 5000 stores, worldwide, and has been presented in numerous prestigious fashion magazines.