A Showroom Warming

This whole experience has been a thrilling rollercoaster: from the very beginning, working out of Kathryn’s apartment, to now having a beautiful showroom in the heart of Liberty Village. When starting a business from scratch, you have to be able to lean on those around you for help and support. This is why we at Poppys are so incredibly lucky to have so many people in our corner, routing for our success and doing anything they can to help us accomplish our goals. There are so many people to thank for the success of this event that it’s tough to know just where to begin and end our thanks. We hope you know that our gratitude extends to all and any kind gestures both big and small, and that we could not have reached this meaningful milestone without being apart of such a supportive community. Please stay tuned below, as we thank all those who were apart of our showroom launch success.

The 3 Brewers, Liberty Village
The 3 Brewers has it all, a great atmosphere, delicious food and of course amazing one-of-a kind beers. We were extremely lucky to have The 3 Brewers partner with us for our launch party. From sharing a new delicious “Poppys Brew” uniquely designed for our guests, to curbing our hunger with the most delicious hors d’oeuvres and snacks, the General Manager Matthieu, Kassandra (marketing guru extraordinaire), and the rest of The 3 Brewers team went above and beyond for Poppys. We are forever grateful for their partnership and we can’t wait to see what great things they accomplish with The 3 Brewers, Liberty Village

Pictonat Photography

You simply can’t have a party without documenting all of the extraordinary moments as they unfold. That’s the best part isn’t it? Smiling back at a photograph, remembering and reliving everything that was good. Luckily, Nathalie was our star in making our dream become a reality, and she’s the one we thank as we relive the success of our event in the days, weeks, and months to come. Nathalie has an amazing spirit and swiftly kept her camera in full swing for the entire evening. A big shout out to you Nathalie, it was such a pleasure having you! P.s. For those of you needing a super talented photographer, check her out here!

Photo Credit to the fantastic @pictonatphoto

[Photo Credit: Pictonat Photography] 

Iconic Brewing Co. 
Dusty Boots, Crazy Beard, Naughty Otter Lager… what do all these interesting names have in common? They’ll all part of the refreshing and uber tasty lineup of innovative ready-made drinks. A big thanks to the Iconic Brewing Co. for keeping our taste buds guessing and for the beyond stellar customer service at our launch party! These guys really know their stuff, and their energy is beyond contagious. We will be looking for your fine drinks during our next visit to the LCBO! Hope to see you guys soon!

Beauty Counter: @citymommastyles 
Citymommastyles is undoubtedly a spokesperson for beautiful skin. She graciously shared her time, knowledge, and products with our guests for the evening by completing mini-makeovers! Since knowing Allison, we’re learning all kinds of things about the skincare products we use, including the importance of investing in safe products that use non-harmful ingredients. Thanks again to Allison from Beauty Counter for stopping by!

Of course we can’t forget Cures Studio. Thank you for providing such lovely mini-manicures to our guests. Many of them left with their fingernails dressed in a beautiful shellac Poppy red, which certainly made us smile! 

Thank you to Saving Thyme for filling our bellies with delicious food & treats throughout the evening.

[Photo Credit: Pictonat Photography] 

We definitely cannot forget to thank Ground Roots for building our boardroom table –it’s been weeks since we’ve moved it in and we’re still totally in awe at your creativity.  Plus, a big thank you to Susan Gardiner and her team for assisting us with our gorgeous flower arrangements. They smelled as lovely as they looked!

A final thank you to those companies listed below, many of which are our neighbors in Liberty Village. Thank you for contributing little treats to our swag bags. From Axe & Hatchet’s Movember inspired photo op to cupcake discounts from For The Love Of Cake, we really couldn’t have asked for better favours for our guests.

Axe & Hatchet 

For The Love of Cake 

Soul Cycle 

F45 Liberty Village 

Bite Me Energy Bites

[Photo Credit: Pictonat Photography] 

A final thank you to our guests: thank you for taking time out of your crazy, hectic schedules to stop by and celebrate the warming of our very first showroom. Your support has allowed our dream to become realty. We couldn’t do what we love without you. From the bottom of each of our hearts, thank you.

[Feature Image Photo Credit: Pictonat Photography] 



Thank you for sharing this heartwarming post! Your showroom looks absolutely stunning. It’s clear how much love and effort went into creating such a beautiful space. Congratulations on this exciting milestone!

jul 04, 2024

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