Dear Canada

Dear Canada, our home and native land, you give us so much to be grateful for every single day. With our vast lands, friendly people, hockey, and maple syrup we have been able to build a life, a culture, to be proud of.  

We've been so lucky to live in abundance - we have clean water, food, and education. We've been encouraged to seize opportunities. We have leaders and heroes to look up to. Our roots have enabled us to lock down our first job, subsequent jobs, and have ultimately led us here - to operating Poppys and creating a voice in this space. We're doing what we love, and we have this home and all of the people that came before us to thank

Dear Canada, we want to thank you for being our constant. For bringing us life, leadership, and love. For teaching us to be kind, to befriend all, and to rejoice in our differences. Because of you we've developed the most beautiful mosaic of cultures, lifestyles, and traditions. And because of you we've learned so much about others, and about ourselves.


In honour of our home, and its 150th anniversary, we wanted to show love to a few Canadian entrepreneurs (found below) who are making a difference. These entrepreneurs aim to create while showing respect to our environment. We want to encourage you to play an active role in your purchasing, because your purchases have the power to affect our environment.

Become curious. Find out why and how things are being made. And before I forget, remember that by deciding to shop local you're helping to support fellow Canadians, just like you, who share a love of our home.

(Proudly) Canadian:

Bubynoa is 100% made in Canada by a lovely women named Mirit out of her home in Toronto. She reclaims vintage woven fabric to create unique animal personalities for your little one to enjoy.

Des Enfantillages is handmade in Montreal by parents of two young children. All items are reinterpreted classics and encourage children to be imaginative. The cherry tree used in the making of their toys comes from forests that are responsibly managed according to FSC principles.

Electrik Kidz is located in Montreal. This brand uses organic cotton and other ethical materials (recycled, fair trade, natural or locally processed), as well as designers’ end of batch fabrics. They hand-silkscreen products with eco-friendly water-based ink. Electrik Kids aims to stimulate the creation of jobs by doing business with local manufacturers and self-employed seamstresses. They aim to counter gender stereotypes by using more unisex colors and designs than what is currently found on the market.

Little Lamb & Co. products are designed and made in Canada by two best friends, and sisters! Soft beads of teethers are made with 100% food-grade silicone or organic untreated maple wood. They are non-toxic; no latex, heavy metals, phthalate, BPA or PVC and meet rigorous safety certifications. Materials are Canadian sourced, stylish for mamas, and are completely baby safe!

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